21st Century Leadership

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go T.S. Eliot

21st Century Leadership is a broad field encompassing many tools. We have developed a ‘step-up’ program for managers and supervisors that can be tailored or modularised for your team, including individualised coaching for all trainees as required.

Topics that can potentially be covered include:

  1. Leadership styles and success in the 21st century business world
  2. Organisational vision, mission and strategy
  3. Time management, delegation and decision making
  4. Motivation and high performance teamsConcept conceptual 3D male businessman on stair or steps over su
  5. Personality profiling and team dynamics
  6. Presentation skills
  7. Effective communication
  8. Negotiation and persuasion
  9. Project management
  10. Emotional intelligence, coaching and mentoring
  11. Performance management
  12. Culture and change management
  13. Innovation, mind tools, and creative thinking
  14. Dealing with conflict and difficult conversations
  15. Resilience
  16. Mindfulness and meditation
  17. Sales, marketing and customer service
  18. 1:1 coaching

We also offer the Diploma of Leadership & Management.

Each person must develop his own leadership. Leadership cannot be bought. It cannot be conferred. It cannot be inherited. It knows no divine right. It cannot be passed on by any process of succession. It is acquired only by the personal mastery of each individual aspirant Sterling W. Sill