Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

FLIP Training has extensive experience across many industries. Gene and his team have assisted many clients including those from the following organisations:

NABRMGCTelstraSGVPlanet SurfMelb UniRMITAus PostTollZagamesMoriatisYarra TramsShannFarm Pride

Learn more about our leadership program and what clients have said through this video link.

Gene was able to bring to the table real live examples that were relevant to each subject in the project management and management courses. His guidance in completing the assessments plus advice on the practical aspects that can be applied in a work environment were simply invaluable – Evange Dakopoulos, Implementation Manager, Commercial & Consumer Finance Services, NAB

Today’s leadership seminar was very successful and a large number of Royal Melbourne management and staff have come to me and said that they thoroughly enjoyed the day and are very much looking forward to the next session … They all said the facilitator was fantastic and made them feel at ease – Paul Rak, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Corporate lady showing ad boardFlip Training’s Gene Elder has the ability to be able to flip a problem or issue on its side in order to view it in a different way, thus opening the path to a creative solution. He is highly energetic and is continually hatching new ideas. He is a generous people person and can quickly forge solid relationships, deeply connecting to people’s work and life issues. He has an innate ability to help people overcome their blocks and point them in the right direction – Jacinta van Bakel, HR Manager, AVTES Training

Flip Training’s faciliator’s are great communicators. Their warm and conversational teaching style had the entire group of more than 25 adults, relaxed, comfortable and fully engaged in a very short space of time. This is a significant quality to possess; a skill set that is both rare and valued. If there are any training, coaching, mentoring or marketing roles that would need either facilitating or developing in organisations both large and small, Flip Training is your team – Mark Logue, Director, Profit Business Consulting

The delivery is exceptional from Gene: Concise, Understandable, Believable, and Innovative. I have walked away with so many thoughts that I can utilise for better in my personal life and for team development – Glenn Stuart, Course Superintendent, Metropolitan Golf Club

The presentations skills workshop yesterday was such an incredible learning experience on so many levels. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from Flip Training. They have so much knowledge and experience! – Astrid Miller, Account Executive, Avepoint

Gene is a master at getting the best out of a group. Very engaging, visual, and the interactive media content is excellent – Justin Burrage, Director of Golf, Kingston Heath Golf Club

I just loved this workshop. The balance of theory, practice, great activities, and media content with contemporary experts was just right  Paul Thomas, Assistant Superintendent West Course, Royal Melbourne Golf Club

A totally thought provoking session and trainer  Adam Smith, Golf Operations Manager, Metropolitan Golf Club

I have attended your mindfulness sessions at a time in my life when I have had very poor health and I was very apprehensive in terms of whether I actually had the time to attend. Well I’m so glad I did, because in spite of a the huge backlog of presidential rotary workload on my plate, I believe that had I not been guided by you through this period, which I might add still continues, I would not have been able to make it through with an easy transition. Instead of been uptight and stressed out with poor sleeping patterns, I am now able to manage my workload with a carefree approach, due to the calmness in my lifestyle and psyche. So, Gene, I believe you have given me my life back. Thank you so much George